Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Romantic Reggae Songs

The New Romantic  Reggae Song Burning Buildings 
Romantic Reggae Songs
 Common Ancestor’s “Burning Buildings” song may be about bringing awareness and social injustice in the world, but it can also fall into the category of new romantic songs too. Songs about social justice have the power to change the world. What it all boils down to is LOVE !
 Common Ancestor is headed by Clive Stewart. His husky rock voice leads the lyrics on their independent record label “Burning Buildings”. Songs focus on changing the world for the better. 


Reggae Love Songs are not commonly about social changes and social justice but this is a song about love for our community and society. What good is a society without Peace, Justice & Love. When we take a destructive step towards our society we are not only destroying our society but also destroying the future of our kids. protect what you love and teach the future generation by taking constructive decisions. This is a song about social change and love towards each other.
 The song Burning Buildings tells the story of a woman who’s woken up to a curfew, as there’s been a riot. Somewhere, people have been treated a different way, just because they were in the minority. Police have taken the side of the majority, and riots have occurred. Whether it’s in the USA or Africa, the problem is the same.
 The woman in the song has received some clarity to the situation and sings about how she needs to get home soon, and how it will take the whole town to put the fire out. 
 The basis of any community is romantic love. We need a partner to fulfill our basic needs. We travel through life with our romantic partner, building a family, and a community foundation. Romantic love, familial love, and community love together can prevent worldwide turmoil. Together, this love stops the burning of buildings and stops destruction.
 Unfortunately, in regions that have suffered from riot, it’s often the village’s own that is destroyed. In the LA riots of 1992, many people had their homes and businesses destroyed. These were the very people who were protesting. The backlash was hard, and none of the destruction even made any sense. No Concise Point made, but a community was destroyed as a result.
New Romantic Reggae Songs
 Romantic love and neighborly love need to coexist within the community. Would you destroy the home of someone you cared about? Probably not. 

 In this reggae love songs also has an interesting twist to it. Perhaps when buildings are burnt it can signify that they’re not what’s really important in life. Humans come into this life without possessions, and we leave this life without carrying them with us. 

But we enter this world with love, we live our life in love, and we leave this world in love. The possessions in the middle don’t really matter. 
A Powerful Reggae Love Songs 
 Love exists in the community. Just see what happened when New Orleans was hit with Hurricane Katrina. The entire country pulled together to help the people of this city. There have been many books published that chronicled how the residents of New Orleans lost their homes, and were overwhelmed by the support they had. Clothes, food, and supplies were handed out to get them by. They were provided with shelter if their homes were completely destroyed. Mental and physical help were all looked after.
 In the end, humans were all that mattered, and their material possessions were easily replaced. We can add Burning Buildings to the list of new romantic songs, as it announces the message that love is all that really matters.

Monday, May 25, 2015

New Romantic Songs

" This New Romantic Song Adds A Fresh Outlook To The Whole Sad Romantic Songs Genre "

This New Romantic Song is from the movie "A Beautiful Thing " that follows a man trying to find love ! His quest for love is interesting and different as he is not a regular guy but has mental / social issues.
This New Romantic Song is shot in United States By Himesh Bhargo who is the main lead Actor and also the Director for this film. The movie follows the life of a socially awkward man who has just had a heart break but is ready for a new venture in his life. The film " A Beautiful Thing " has gained a lot of recognition from several film festivals and ad won "The Indie Fest" for best acting by Himesh Bhargo.
The initial aerial shorts were shot by Himesh Bhargo himself on a Cessna 185. The Bridge You see in the aerial shot is the Tacoma Bridge . The Tacoma Bridge which is in WA state is an amazing and a very significant bridge which connects Kitsap And Gig harbor to Tacoma And Seattle.
" The minute I heard the song I knew I had to shoot A part of this video in La Push ", says Himesh Bhargo . "I wanted to exhibit his pain in the background of the beauty that he will never see. " La Push is an amazing place and the locations there are surreal !
This New Romantic Song Has Amazing Lyrics And Can Help Sooth Your Mind. We worked Very Hard At Filming This Sad Romantic Song And Choose Each Location Very Carefully. A Lot Of The Shots Were Taken In Seattle Area To Show How Lonely This Character Is Even In When In Clouded Areas ! It Was Hard Work Shooting This Sad Romantic Song But The Director (Himesh Bhargo) Achieved His Vision And Felt Successful In The Execution Of Story In This Sad Romantic Song !

Why is This Sad New Romantic Song Different From Others ?
Although The Lyrics of the song is full of pain, the video gives pleasure to the mind . The Video was intentionally shot soft, bright and smooth in the beginning and moves on to be a bit dark and harsh. It was to exhibit real human emotions ! When we start going through hard times, we easily find hope and good in the sorrows of life ; however, when the sorrows continue to stay and pain gets intolerable, the hope and joy of life is hard to feel.  The transition from the song being bright and smooth to dark and harsh signifies just that .