Monday, May 25, 2015

New Romantic Songs

" This New Romantic Song Adds A Fresh Outlook To The Whole Sad Romantic Songs Genre "

This New Romantic Song is from the movie "A Beautiful Thing " that follows a man trying to find love ! His quest for love is interesting and different as he is not a regular guy but has mental / social issues.
This New Romantic Song is shot in United States By Himesh Bhargo who is the main lead Actor and also the Director for this film. The movie follows the life of a socially awkward man who has just had a heart break but is ready for a new venture in his life. The film " A Beautiful Thing " has gained a lot of recognition from several film festivals and ad won "The Indie Fest" for best acting by Himesh Bhargo.
The initial aerial shorts were shot by Himesh Bhargo himself on a Cessna 185. The Bridge You see in the aerial shot is the Tacoma Bridge . The Tacoma Bridge which is in WA state is an amazing and a very significant bridge which connects Kitsap And Gig harbor to Tacoma And Seattle.
" The minute I heard the song I knew I had to shoot A part of this video in La Push ", says Himesh Bhargo . "I wanted to exhibit his pain in the background of the beauty that he will never see. " La Push is an amazing place and the locations there are surreal !
This New Romantic Song Has Amazing Lyrics And Can Help Sooth Your Mind. We worked Very Hard At Filming This Sad Romantic Song And Choose Each Location Very Carefully. A Lot Of The Shots Were Taken In Seattle Area To Show How Lonely This Character Is Even In When In Clouded Areas ! It Was Hard Work Shooting This Sad Romantic Song But The Director (Himesh Bhargo) Achieved His Vision And Felt Successful In The Execution Of Story In This Sad Romantic Song !

Why is This Sad New Romantic Song Different From Others ?
Although The Lyrics of the song is full of pain, the video gives pleasure to the mind . The Video was intentionally shot soft, bright and smooth in the beginning and moves on to be a bit dark and harsh. It was to exhibit real human emotions ! When we start going through hard times, we easily find hope and good in the sorrows of life ; however, when the sorrows continue to stay and pain gets intolerable, the hope and joy of life is hard to feel.  The transition from the song being bright and smooth to dark and harsh signifies just that .


  1. It's very romantic song. And it's touch my heart.

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